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Temple of the Tooth with a local

Temple of the Tooth with a local

Sum up

Explore the Temple of the Tooth, one of the busiest attractions in Sri Lanka and find out why the tooth hidden deep within the temple is so revered. The heart of Kandy and home to Sri Lanka’s most important Buddhist relic, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth or Dalada Maligawa, as it is known locally, consists of several small temples, museums and shrine rooms. Your guide will show you the casket containing the tooth relic, which is enclosed in a heavily guarded room opened only during the pooja (prayers). Be warned though that the temple is almost always crowded and you will not actually be able to see the tooth as it is contained within a series of caskets, which are opened very rarely for public viewing. Dress appropriately, covering your legs and shoulders as entrance to the temple could be forbidden if these rules are not adhered to. Your guide will also take you to visit the museum of Raja, the temple tusker who was the casket bearer of the perahera for 37 years.

Duration: 3 hours

Best Time: Year-round

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