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Degaldoruwa Cave Temple

Degaldoruwa Cave Temple

Sum up

When you first enter the temple, you are immediately stunned by the beautiful paintings on the walls of its inner chambers. The ornate Makara Thorana (dragon archway) as well as the murals on the ceilings are well preserved. Though it is said that the construction of the temple started during the reign of King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe, it was completed only under the reign of King Rajadhi Rajasinghe. This historic temple surrounded by lush greenery is hollowed out of a 40-ft rock cave. There is a reclining Buddha statue housed in the image house, painted in bright orange and yellow. The vibrant paintings on the cave surface also feature the Buddhist Jataka stories. It is said that the finest of Kandyan era frescoes adorn the ceilings of the Degaldoruwa temple.

Duration: 1 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

You will need to cover your knees and shoulders – and access the inner chambers barefoot or with socks.

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