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Colombo History Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and lies alongside the present administrative capital, Sri Jayawardenepura, Kotte. Colombo’s port was influential as early as the 5 th century when ships from Rome, Arabia, and China traded with Sinhalese kings for food supplies, spices and jewels. Many nations fought for the island’s treasures […]

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Brief Gardens

Brief Gardens Sum up Brief Gardens are the architectural landscaping masterpiece of Bevis Bawa, the brother of iconic Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Although often overshadowed by Lunuganga, the country house and gardens designed by Geoffrey, Brief Gardens are spectacular and are a wonderful place to spend a morning or afternoon if you fancy a

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Ariyapala Mask Museum

Ariyapala Mask Museum Sum up The Ariyapala Mask Museum in Ambalangoda is a characterful spot which brings alive the skill of Sri Lanka mask making. Duration: 1 hours Best Time: Year-round Additional Information Traditional masks have played an important role in Sri Lankan culture and folklore for centuries. Used for both theatrical performances and rituals,

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Gangatilaka Vihara

Gangatilaka Vihara Sum up Located just past the bridge in Kalutara, this Buddhist temple built in the 1960s is easily accessed from its roadside location. The gigantic white Dagoba is believed to contain sacred relics of the Buddha. There are also interesting murals that depicts the life story of Buddha. The narrow windows below these

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