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Sri Lankan Puppets

Sri Lankan Puppets

Sum up

This experience takes place in Balapitiya, a serene coastal town in the South of Sri Lanka. Meet a 4th generation puppeteer who has dedicated his life to a career as a puppet performer. As your host regales you with stories from the glorious days of puppetry in Sri Lanka, learn about the history of local puppetry, which shows a close connection with neighbouring India.

Duration: 2 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

Visit a puppet museum with your host and discover an exciting collection of puppet characters seen in famous plays. Finally, sit down to enjoy a lively puppet show lined up with three acts performed to the thrilling beats of folk music. If you want to catch the action behind the black screen, go backstage and witness the puppeteers manoeuvring the string puppets standing from a long bench set up above the stage floor. You can also try your hands at manipulating a puppet with a professional puppeteer by your side.

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