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Explore Sri Lanka’s Village Life

Explore Sri Lanka's Village Life

Sum up

Escape to Sri Lanka’s Kandyan foothills and spend a morning exploring the picturesque rural countryside which lies in the shadow of the glorious Knuckles Mountain Range. Trek through a scenic village and the surrounding countryside and take in the peaceful surroundings of glimmering green paddy fields, babbling brooks and small houses set next to vibrant vegetable plots. You will have the opportunity to learn about Sri Lanka’s traditional farming techniques first-hand as you pass by farmers working in the fields. This gentle hike is also rewarding for wildlife: look out for the endemic birds, butterflies and quick-footed lizards that can be spotted in this tranquil area.

Duration: 3 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

This trek through Sri Lanka’s countryside can be a variety of lengths depending on your specific interests and fitness level, so let us know your preferences in advance and we can design the perfect route for you.

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