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Kandy City Walking Tour

Kandy City Walking Tour

Sum up

Kandy is the capital of and gateway to Sri Lanka’s majestic verdant hill country, a spiralling town surrounded by picturesque foothills which has a fascinating history and rich artistic heritage that is best explored by seeing a spectacular show of Kandyan dance or investigating the beautiful old paintings which decorate the temples in and around the city centre. Withstanding all attempts of colonial rule until the 19th century when the town fell into the hands of the British and the monarchy was disbanded, Kandy is littered with old Buddhist temples displaying iconic 15th and 16th century Kandyan art sitting side-by-side with buildings bearing British architecture and their other projects such as the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Duration: 1 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

Go on this guided city walking tour of Kandy and see for yourself this town’s intriguing combination of cultures. Begin by strolling around Kandy Lake and spot glimpses of the Temple of the Tooth – one of the most iconic Buddhist temples in South-East Asia – as you wend your way to the British Garrison Cemetery where your guide will regale you with tales of its colonial residents. The town’s religious diversity is boldly apparent as you explore the exceptional temple grounds, from which you can view the nearby church, kovil and mosque. After grabbing some refreshments at the historic Empire Café, head to a busier district which plays host to a variety of interesting monuments before finishing at the intoxicating Kandy Market.

This walk will last for two hours and can be scheduled for either 9am, 12pm or 3pm. Sarongs, socks and drinks are provided, as well as a host. Children above six years of age will enjoy this activity.

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