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Walking in Ella

Walking in Ella

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Combine three much-loved Ella landmarks in a five-hour trek through glorious scenery in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country. 

Duration: 5 hours

Best Time: Year-round

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Little Adam’s Peak

Although this climb up to Little Adam’s Peak is relatively easy, the views from the top are sensational. Begin the climb with a gentle stroll through a sloping tea field, passing endless neat rows of terraced tea plants, before ascending a short stretch of winding steps up to the top of the peak. From the top, there is a spectacular panorama featuring Ella Rock, rolling tea fields and the Ella gap, a deep gorge that leads all the way down to the southern valleys. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the south coast with the ocean glimmering on the horizon.

Ella Rock

Hiking up Ella Rock is one of the most popular treks to do in Ella, but is also far more strenuous than the relatively easy climb up Little Adam’s Peak. The summit is 3,300m above sea level, and 1,000m higher than Ella town, and the views from the top are astonishing. Walk along the railway lines for about half an hour, accompanied by the local monkeys swinging through the trees, and then begin the ascent up the slope through fields of chilli, tomato, lemon grass and avocado, and look out for eucalyptus, banana and jack fruit trees. You also pass a large tea plantation and fascinating tropical plants like the Venus fly trap.

Nine Arch Bridge

Located in Ella, the Nine Arch Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in Sri Lanka and is a stunning example of the incredible engineering prowess behind the island’s railway system. First constructed in the 19th century during the British colonial period, Sri Lanka’s railway line remains the easiest and most picturesque way to access the hill country. Built in 1921, the Nine Arch Bridge is a 30-metre-high viaduct with dramatic, high arches, a beautiful piece of architecture which stands in testament to the exceptional engineering skills of the British.

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