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Sri Lanka Waterfalls

Sri Lanka Waterfalls

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Wherever you are in the Sri Lanka highlands you are never far from a waterfall. There are more than a hundred, some of them quite inaccessible, some of them fairly small, but many are worth a trek as part of a day’s activity when you are looking for some exercise in the hill country. Although they are at their finest at times of higher rainfall, a trip to a waterfall in Sri Lanka is always a great way to pass a few hours.

Duration: 2 hours

Best Time: Year-round

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Red Dot will advise you as to the best waterfall to dovetail with your holiday plans. In the meantime, here are five of our favourite waterfalls in Sri Lanka:

Bambarakanda Falls is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, which sneaks it into the world’s top 300! Found west of Haputale on the road to Behihuloya, it is a 5km walk along a narrow valley from Kalupahana, although you can attempt to drive there down a poor-quality road until the last 600m.

Ravana Falls is one of the most popular in Sri Lanka, owing to its proximity to the highland town of Ella, a 20-minute drive away. Ravana Ella cave and rock temple is about a 5km drive to the north. These falls can be a little tame at the end of the dry season but are the setting of dramatic ancient myth. They are named after legendary King Ravana, who is connected with the Indian epic, the Ramayana.

Diyaluma Falls are the second highest waterfalls of Sri Lanka and a majestic sight to behold. One of the most southerly falls, close to Koslanda, it is rich in folklore, involving the story of a king who fell tragically in love with a woman from a lower class.

Baker’s Falls owes its popularity to the fact it is an easy trek from Horton Plains National Park. Named after the famous British explorer, Sir Samuel Baker.

St Clair’s Falls  are west of Nuwara Eliya, accessed by a downhill walk through tea bushes, and has long been one of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. As a warning that life changes, the Upper Kotmale Hydro power project has weakened this waterfall as well as others in the region including Ramboda Ella, Devon Falls and Aberdeen Falls.

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