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Little Adam’s Peak

Little Adam's Peak

Sum up

Little Adam’s Peak offers one of the finest viewpoints in the Sri Lanka Hill Country and is also part of a three-venue loop that can be done in one day. The youthful highlands town of Ella is the starting point for a short trek that can be extended to a three-section, 15km trek to include Little Adam’s Peak, Ella Rock and Nine Arch Bridge.

Although the climb to Little Adam’s Peak from Ella town is relatively easy, the views from the top of Little Adam’s Peak are sensational. Begin the climb with a gentle stroll through a sloping tea field, passing endless neat rows of terraced tea plants, before ascending a short stretch of winding steps up to the top of the peak.

From the top, there is a spectacular panorama featuring Ella Rock, rolling tea fields and the Ella Gap, a deep gorge that leads all the way down to the southern valleys. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the south coast with the ocean glimmering on the horizon.

The trailhead for Little Adam’s Peak, also known as Punchi Sri Pada, hits the main road at the Ella Flower Garden Resort. There is also an alternative entrance by 98 Acres Resort which is marked by a white Buddha statue. An hour to reach the summit is ample for a leisurely climb with lots of time to take photos along the way.

Duration: 3 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

This is one of the more popular hill country climbs with tourists so if you are travelling in peak season and want it to yourself we suggest an early-morning departure. That way, you have a better chance of avoiding the clouds in any case. In fact, for the really early risers (or late to bedders),why not welcome in the sun rise?

The trail takes you up to 1,141m above sea-level although as Ella is around 1,040m that does not make the climb particularly strenuous. The trail has well-maintained paths and stairs to the first set of viewpoints so it can be done easily without a guide. There are multiple platforms, rocks, and viewpoints, although none compare with the view at the summit.

Little Adam`s Peak is named in reference to its more celebrated namesake, because of the similar shape and probably because a little marketing is a good thing. Those who have attempted Adam`s Peak, further to the west, will know that it is a more testing climb altogether.

To take on Ella’s three main treks in one day will demand about 15kms in total, up and down hill, so you would need a decent level of fitness. That involves some time on the road so beware vehicles, especially Sri Lanka’s buses which do not take prisoners. You can also visit the tea factory on the Newburgh Estate.

Expect a ban on plastic bottles and, even if you don’t find that it is being enforced, we strongly encourage you to protect these beautiful spots and commit to reusable bottles. Good walking shoes, or at a pinch trainers, are also recommended.

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