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Palmyrah Art Tour

Palmyrah Art Tour

Sum up

The northern peninsula of the island is a vivid mix of culture, crafts and cuisine. The towering palmyrah trees that dominate the arid landscape of Jaffna, have become an inextricable part of its unique fabric of life. Palmyrah weaving in Jaffna is a skill of tradition and patience where talented village women combine vibrant palmyrah leaves to create beautiful material.

Duration: 4 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

Head for the Karainagar island with your friendly host to witness dainty palymrah art in the making. Your host will take you to a little village in Karainagar where you will visit a humble aboard of a weaver who has been conjuring intricate patterns with palmyrah leaves since decades. Learn about the painstaking process of weaving palmyrah leaves starting from drying the leaves, dying in various colours, and finally weaving beautiful crafts. The palmyrah leaves are transformed into simple yet beautifully crafted patterns that can be utilised in day to day life. Explore the range of products including baskets, hats, wall hangings and boxes, which are fashioned out of palmyrah leaves.

Finally, take a stroll along the serene Casuarina beach, which is located in close proximity to the weavers’ village. You can even take a leisurely dip enjoying the balmy breeze that sooths your body and mind. Also, catch a glimpse of the golden sunset that tints the northern sky in brilliant shades of colour.

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