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Jaffna Crab Curry Cooking Class

Jaffna Crab Curry Cooking Class

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Learn how to make Jaffna Crab Curry in this cooking class in Jaffna, one of the most distinctive and well-loved Sri Lankan curries. Afterwards, dig in! Jaffna cuisine is distinctive in Sri Lanka, influenced by the spices and other ingredients used in South Indian curries and renowned for its use of fresh seafood, particularly crab. Jaffna Crab Curry is praised throughout Sri Lanka as one of the most delicious curries made on the island. Join a chef at a boutique hotel in Jaffna and learn to make this delicious dish, from learning how to clean and prepare the crabs – which may be lagoon crabs or sea crabs, depending on availability – to which spices should be included in the curry. The experience is more observational than hands-on, but is still a great way to spend a morning and ends with one of the most delicious meals you will have during your holiday in Sri Lanka. The mouth-watering curry is served with plain rice and a range of other curries which are commonly served across the island, as well as local specialities like ‘rasam’, a clear soup laced with subtle spices.

Duration: 2 hours

Best Time: Year-round

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