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Kanneliya Rainforest

Kanneliya Rainforest

Sum up

Trek through Kanneliya Rainforest with a wildlife tracker and spot birds, monkeys and chameleons, and discover the fascinating array of tropical flora.

Duration: 3 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

Whilst many have only heard of Sinharaja Rainforest , Sri Lanka is actually home to two forest reserves. Kanneliya Rainforest, which spans over 100sqkm, was also designated as a biosphere reserve in 2004 by UNESCO and its preservation will play an important part in nature conservation in Sri Lanka. Kanneliya is one of the richest areas in Asia in terms of its flora and houses many animal and plant species native to Sri Lanka, including 20 of the island’s 26 endemic birds, as well as 78 small villages which lie hidden between the trees. Kanneliya Rainforest is just 35kms from Galle and is a must-see for nature lovers visiting this region.

As well as the trill of birdsong and the rustle of monkeys, there are also a vast range of fascinating trees and flowers hidden in the forest which you guide will help you identify, as well as several precious medicinal plants. Stop for refreshments along the way – tea and cake, cooked by the wife of your local tracker, served at a table placed in the shallows of an idyllic lake.

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