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Traditional Sri Lankan Cooking Class

Traditional Sri Lankan Cooking Class

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Learn how to make rice and curry, Sri Lanka’s delicious and underrated traditional cuisine, which is overshadowed on the international culinary stage by the food of its neighbours, such as India. Although it sounds simple, rice and curry is actually a complex dish comprised of seven different elements, including curries, spiced vegetables in a variety of textures, sambols, chutneys and rice.

Duration: 4 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

Head on to a village vendor where you can explore a variety of fruits and vegetables which you can choose from and purchase. Sri Lanka is home to a vibrant range of produce, many of which you may never have seen before. Your host will show you some of the most important ingredients in traditional Sri Lankan cooking and explain their uses, whilst selecting the fresh fruits and vegetables that he will be using to prepare your meal.

Make your way to the wattle-and-daub hut where this experience takes place. Surrounded by paddy fields, this is an utterly tranquil and authentic backdrop for your cooking class. Watch your chef prepare a range of traditional Sri Lankan dishes and learn how the locals make coconut milk by cracking open and scraping out the coconuts. Afterwards, feast on fresh, authentic Sri Lankan rice and curry – comprised of eight different dishes – served in a lotus leaf. If you are feeling adventurous, eat the local way using just your right hand.

You may prefer to join a Sri Lankan cooking class in the garden of a family near Galle. If so, please check out our Sri Lankan Cooking Class with a Family.

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