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Galle Boats & Bikes

Galle Boats & Bikes

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Feeling active? Leave the beaches of Galle behind and explore its inland rural beauty by boat and by bike. Galle’s inner landscape is covered in patches of jungle, rice paddies, cinnamon plantations, lowland tea fields and quaint mud roads joining small villages, and is home to beautiful tropical plants and lots of Sri Lanka’s wildlife.

Duration: 2 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

Begin your journey with a peaceful boat ride down the Kapu Ela (river). Float slowly along canals, passing local village hamlets, rubber and cinnamon plantations and tea fields, and watch as grey fish eagles soar through the air and water monitor lizards haul themselves out of the river and cling to the low branches along the bank. Disembark from the boat and mount your bikes for a 9km cycle along the narrow mud lanes between the villages, passing picturesque paddy fields and small villages with markets selling vibrant local fruits and vegetables. Stop along the way in a wattle-and-daub hut for a cup of herbal tea and traditional hoppers cooked over a fire, before getting back on your bike and cycling to the pick-up point. If you are tired, you can be driven from here.

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