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Bawa Architecture

Bawa Architecture

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The late Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka’s most influential architect, was responsible for linking the ancient architecture of this island with that of the modern world. Bawa had a deep understanding and appreciation of the country’s cultural heritage – drawing ideas from the ancient kingdoms of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa as well as the colonial influences of the Portuguese and Dutch periods. His travels worldwide also resulted in an appreciation of the more contemporary architectural styles.

Duration: 2 hour

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

Geoffrey Bawa had a passion for the island’s varying natural landscapes, scenes that he used as the focal points around which he created his buildings. The end result was a unique architectural style that erased boundaries between the `outside’ and `inside’ of living and working spaces. With skilful positioning of the built environment to take optimum advantage of the surrounding vistas, Bawa’s architecture shows great appreciation of natural elements; the tropical sun, ocean breeze, lush greenery and flowing water. With these considered, Bawa makes seamless transitions of the outside environment to beautiful structures allowing comfortable and enhanced daily life. Wide courtyards, shaded walkways and open verandahs feature heavily in his design. All these elements contributed to a unique architectural style – a legacy that will continue to influence, educate, and develop the creative minds of generations of Sri Lankan architects.


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