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Traditional Sri Lankan Village Life

Traditional Sri Lankan Village Life

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Discover the authentic rural charm of Sri Lankan village life. Simple and peaceful, life in a Sri Lankan rural community is a world away from the city rush, embracing the art of earthen living. As they have for countless generations, the villagers meld their lives into the harmonious rhythm of nature. A community involved in chena farming, the village of Hiriwaduna is verdant with cultivation nurtured by the fertile soil and forms the centrepiece of this meaningful experience.

Duration: 2 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

Experience this simplicity as you journey across the village in a bullock cart. Next, take a boat ride through the lotus filled Hiriwaduna Wewa and enjoy a splash of jollity and striking views against the backdrop of Sigiriya’s mighty rock fortress. Soak up the abundant birdlife and bountiful natural beauty as you glide along the waters. Also, have a refreshing beli mal drink- an island style thirst quencher. Finally, relish a traditional Sri Lankan meal, filled with flavour and natural goodness.

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