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Sri Lanka Hot Air Ballooning

Sri Lanka Hot Air Ballooning

Sum up

Red Dot now offers hot air ballooning in the Cultural Triangle, a dramatic and rewarding experience made even better by the warm and friendly welcome that you receive from villagers when the balloon finally lands. Your adventure starts at dawn: soar high above Kandalama, Dambulla, and Sigiriya and watch the landscape unfold beneath you, illuminated by the gentle morning light, and look out for wild elephants and water buffalo as you fly over untouched wilderness.

Duration: 3 hours

Best Time: November to April

Additional Information

Your hot air balloon adventure starts early morning and will last about three and a half hours, starting with the preparation and inflation of the balloon, briefing, take-off, flight (approximately one hour),landing/retrieval and the return by van. After the pilot’s briefing, you will rise into the air and float gently over the breath-taking plains of the Cultural Triangle, dotted with striking ancient ruins and patches of jungle. The exact route of your flight cannot be predicted, as this is dependent on the prevailing winds. A support crew and vehicle follows the flight throughout. Upon landing, celebrate with champagne.

For further information on Sri Lanka’s main historic sites please see our regional guide to the Cultural Triangle

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