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Explore eco-minded Arugam Bay

Explore eco-minded Arugam Bay

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Renowned for its great waves that attract surfers from across the world, Arugam Bay boasts some of Sri Lanka’s most pristine beaches and ecosystems. In order to protect the environment especially from the wave of thrash, the local community in Arugam Bay has teamed up and established innovative ventures. During this tour, you will visit two such facilities in Arugam Bay that have effectively addressed the issues of garbage and pollution.

Duration: 2 hours

Best Time: Year-round

Additional Information

First, visit a special waste management facility operated in Arugam Bay town. This waste management venture recycles discarded plastic bottles as well as cans as a great solution to eliminate plastic pollution in Arugam Bay. This facility is dedicated to create a waste-free Arugam Bay by bringing forth a practical solution to handle the plastic waste issue. This venture also provides a range of end-to-end solutions for a plastic-free beach town.

Next, stop by another eco-conscious venture just 20 minutes away from the town. This venture transforms traditional rice bags into chic pouches, laptop covers, handbags and many more useful items. This social enterprise empowers local women by providing them an opportunity to become economically self-sufficient. With their talent of sewing and stitching, they handcraft quality items from rice bags and contribute to protect the environment.

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