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Birdwatching on Mannar Island

Birdwatching on Mannar Island

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Mannar Island is one of the best spots in Sri Lanka for spotting migratory birds, as well as other animal species. The Giant’s Tank, a feat of agricultural engineering when it was constructed more than 1,500 years ago, is now also popular for boating and fishing.

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Best Time: November to February

Additional Information

Here is a birdwatching region quite different from the wet forest of the Central Highlands, the hill country or the southern wetlands. The land is low, only a few metres above sea level, the climate is exceedingly dry and the area is sparsely populated.

The shallow mud flats and saline lakes between the mainland and Mannar attract large numbers of wintering birds. Vankalai sanctuary is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to observe waders, water fowl and some of the thousands of flamingos that spend several months here.

Red Dot can arrange a specialist birdwatching guide on request.

A visit to Mannar Island is also an excuse for exploring one of the most lightly-visited areas of Sri Lanka with such attractions as Adam’s Bridge and Arippu Fort.

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